photo of Geert Roseboom

Geert Roseboom

Geert discovered his passion for karate in 1997, building on years of experience in Judo, Aikido, and Taekwondo. Throughout the following decade, he immersed himself in national and international tournaments, earning recognition for his dedication and skill.

In 2011, Geert shifted his focus from competitive arenas to create a welcoming space for fellow karate enthusiasts. This marked the inception of Seicho, a place where practitioners could come together. Blending elements of Ashihara and Kyokushin karate, Seicho is dedicated to personal growth, guided by the principles of Bushido.

Alongside his commitment to karate, Geert advocates for the benefits of sports. Whether cycling challenging terrains, exploring mountain paths, or engaging in survivalist activities, he brings the same passion to his active lifestyle. Professionally, Geert contributes his expertise to the Human Performance group at TNO, reflecting his dedication to both physical and professional well-being.