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Seicho means growth

We grow as people by challenging ourselves and pushing our limits, and doing so we improve our mental and physical health. For this reason, Seicho was established in 2011 as a group where friends could grow by practicing karate together. And over the years it has remained just that: a community that extends beyond the dojo.

At Seicho we practice in the Shinkyokushin style of karate. Training with us will bring you a rapid improvement of your stamina, a growing feeling of confidence and a community of friendly people who like to have you around. We train with a mixed group of men and women and are open to individuals from the age of 15 and older.

Whether you're stepping onto the mat for the first time or seeking a new challenge, we invite you to experience karate at Seicho first hand with a free trial session!

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Practice takes place on Tuesday night between 20:30 and 22:00 at the studio in Squash Houtrust. Please arrive 10 minutes early.


Laan van Poot 18
Den Haag


Shinkyokushin karate is one of the branches of Kyokushin karate, founded by Masatatsu Oyama in the 1960's. It focuses on full-contact sparring (kumite) and intensive physical conditioning, cultivating robustness and agility. Besides physical training and sparring, Kyokushin is also heavily focussed on technique and control, practiced in Ido-Geiko, Kata's and prearranged sparring forms. Key values of kyokushin karate are respect, discipline and a philosophy of continuous self-improvement, applicable both in martial arts and daily life.

Trainers at Seicho


Geert Roseboom

Senpai Geert Roseboom discovered his passion for karate in 1997, building on years of experience in Judo, Aikido, and Taekwondo. Throughout the following decade, he immersed himself in national and international tournaments, earning recognition for his dedication and skill...

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Thijs Stoffer

Senpai Thijs Stoffer has trained at Seicho since its inception in 2011. Training with Geert in both the Shinkyokushin and Ashihara styles he has a broad appreciation of Karate techniques...

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