Photo of Thijs Stoffer

Thijs Stoffer

Senpai Thijs Stoffer has trained at Seicho since its inception in 2011, after practicing Wing Chun and Muay Thai since he was twelve. Training with Geert in both the Shinkyokushin and Ashihara styles he has a broad appreciation of Karate techniques.

In 2019, Thijs embarked on a dojo tour in Japan coinciding with the Shinkyokushinkai World Championships. This trip instilled a new appreciation for some of the more traditional aspects of karate such as Ido-Geiko and Kata-Bunkai. Drawing inspiration from these traditional elements, Thijs incorporates them into his training sessions.

Thijs's passion for sports extends beyond martial arts. He has a diverse interest in various activities, including cycling, powerlifting, mountaineering, and kitesurfen kitesurfing. Thijs's expertise as a teacher is rooted in his education in sports training and his experience as a kitesurf instructor for three years.